Sponsored Symposium

Alcon - Interesting Case Discussion
  1. Importance of Valved Trocar cannulas, Prof. Carl Claes
  2. Complex vitreoretinal cases using small gauge approach, Dr. Manish Nagpal
  3. Importance of cutting and fluidics in VR surgery, Dr. Hemanth Murthy
  4. PVR requiring relaxing Retinectomy, Prof. Natarajan Sundaram
  5. Discussion
Allergan - Modern Management of Vitreo-Retinal Diseases Through Novel Drug Delivery System
  1. RVO: Pathophysiology of Macular Edema / Recent RVO Management Guidelines, Dr. Lingam Gopal
  2. RVO: OZURDEX® Case Experiences, Dr. Manish Nagpal
  3. OZURDEX® Case Experiences, Dr. Vishali Gupta
  4. Panel Discussion, Q&A
Bausch and Lomb - Stellaris® PC and Storz® Instruments
  1. Stellaris® PC: Simple, Yet Versatile, Dr. Amar Agarwal
  2. Illumination Like Never Before with Stellaris® PC, Dr. Mandeep Lamba
  3. Stellaris® PC: The Ultimate in Procedure Choice, Dr. Ajeet Wagle
  4. Q&A
Carl Zeiss - Newer Technological Advances in Retinal Surgeries and Diagnostic Disease Management
  1. Bimanual retinal surgery using a new fundus viewing system - RESIGHT, Dr.Ajay Dudani, Mumbai
  2. Role of Autofluorescence and OCT in management of AMD, Dr.Vishali Gupta, PGI, Chandighar
  3. A new modality of diagnosis- Measurement of Macular Pigment Density (MPD), Dr.Avinash Pathangay, LVP, Vizag
Heidelberg - Advanced Therapeutics Demand Advanced Technology
  1. Multimodality Imaging Guided Therapy with SPECTRALIS, Prof. Timothy Lai
  2. Clinical Applications of Blue Laser Autofluorescence, Prof. Seung Young Yu
  3. Normative Spectral Domain OCT Data on Macular and Retinal Never Fiber Layer Thickness in Indians, Dr. Mahesh Gopalakrishnan
  4. Improving Cataract Care Using Advanced Imaging – Bridging Over from Retina to Cataract, Dr. Burjor Banaji
  5. Role of Simultaneous FA, ICG and OCT using Spectralis in Vitreo Retinal Pathologies, Dr. Manish Nagpal
OPTOS - Expanding Horizons: How Ultra Widefield Imaging is Impacting Treatment Paradigms
  1. The Unchartered Realm of Ultra Wide Field Imaging for Vitreoretinal Diseases, Prof. Seenu M Hariprasad
  2. The importance of Ultra-Widefield Angiography in Diabetes: Improving the Detection and Classification of Diabetic Retinopathy, Prof. Szilard Kiss
  3. Q & A