The mission of the Asia-Pacific Vitreo-retina Society (APVRS) is to assist the development of the vitreoretinal subspeciality in the Asia-Pacific region, to provide a platform for good integration of skills and knowledge of ophthalmologists in the vitreoretinal subspecialty, and to promote and disseminate eye care information for vitreoretinal diseases and related issues among the general public.

To meet the growing demand of vitreo-retinal experts in the Asia-Pacific region, the founder and a group of vitreoretinal specialists first met in 2006. They shared the same vision about the importance of public awareness of vitreoretinal diseases and a platform for academic exchange for vitreoretinal specialists. In 2006, the APVRS was formed to fulfill their vision. The late Prof. Yasuo Tano was the Founding President of APVRS and was instrumental in the early success of the Society. In 2009, Prof. Ian Constable continues Prof. Tano’s legacy in continuing the Society’s mission. Under the strong leadership of Prof. Constable and the APVRS Council, the society will continue to grow stronger and stronger.